This is a non-profit venture that offers free services, that aims to provide assistance to everyone. In good faith and in trying to practice good scholarship we are publishing our references.

Primary References

  1. Firsthand and Experiential
    1. For the English Language subject, the primary source is ourselves, due to firsthand and experiential knowledge.
    2. English, specifically American English is either the 1st or 2nd language of the founding contributors, all of which are Filipino citizens.
    3. The Philippines was a former colony of the United States of America.
    4. English is an official language of the Philippines.
    5. Philippine culture is predominantly American.

Secondary References

These has been directly used in an article, and are generally public domain works before utilization.

  1. Abelardo, V, & Lopez, S. (1954). English for World Use. Third Year – Fourth Year. New York, & Manila: American Book Company

Tertiary References

These are used for research or as a study guide only by the contributors. Once they are directly used in an article, they would be transferred to the Secondary References list.

  1. Reader’s Digest How to Write and Speak Better. (1993) South Africa: The Reader’s Digest Association South Africa Limited