Quick Lesson: Agreement of Subject and Verb 3

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The Regular Lesson is quite long, for easier reading just continue with this Quick Lesson.

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  1. In sentences beginning with the expletive there, care must be taken to determine the subject, which follows the verb.
  1. Collective nouns, such as jury, committee, team, and herd, may be either singular or plural. If they are considered as a unit, a singular verb is used; if they are considered as individuals, a plural verb is used.
  1. Indefinite Pronouns
    • Such indefinite pronouns as each, everyone, someone, nobody, either, and another take singular verbs.
    • Such indefinite pronouns as both, several, many, and few take plural verbs.
    • The indefinite pronouns some, all, and none are either singular or plural, according to their meaning.
  1. Nouns which are plural in form but singular in meaning usually take a singular verb.
  1. The title of a book, even though plural in form, takes a singular verb.

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